Printing Services

Digital Printing

For small formats is used digital laser printing. There is the possibility to customize the work, the result of individual print files from digital database, in parallel with the efficiency of short runs.

Is used for large format digital printing. The biggest advantage of digital printing starts by the absence of production of photolithography / plates, offering quality and speed. Ideal process and effective for small quantities and with a high quality result. Digital printing is the ideal solution for various formats / sizes on paper, sticker, screen and others, always being made ​​in four-color. In large format visual impact is the greatest value of the fingerprint. Its versatility allows for use indoor and outdoor, is suitable for decorative work and advertising as posters, canvas shop windows, cars or stands. In this process it is possible to combine vinyl cutting, which does not include printing.

There is no separation color (spot colors - screen printing), the impression is made from the mixture of the primary colors (CMYK). Economically advantageous for paper solutions, from posters (small and large format), paper and vinyl sticker printing. In this case one can combine various types of finishes from simple cut / straight or cutting specific bindings, etc.